Frequently Asked Questions

Is the transmission service legal?

Absolutely, Many people do not understand the fundamental difference between transmission and download. While the broadcast allows you to view live and prerecorded content on demand, but you will never download the content which would be illegal if it does not belong to you. It is similar to music streaming, except that you are watching and listening to video streams instead of audio. Downloading, on the other hand, is illegal unless you buy the content. Our service is not designed to download, just transmit.

Where can you install our application service?

Our application can only be installed on the following platforms, Smart TV, on Fire Stick Amazon, Smart Android TV, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Android TV Box, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple TV, all Apple installations installed on the IPTV Smarter application downloadable in Appple Store, in Windows with Bluestacks 5 emulator or directly in the Windows App. You can also watch it from your cell phone to the TV using a mirror viewing application. In "M327" we use and distribute the devices that have stood out over the years for having the best performance, stability and price, so we recommend the Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

How can I pay and get the Service?

1. You can pay directly on the ad and price plan button for each package shown below and by clicking Buy Now.
2. You can also contact us by clicking on the contact form that will transfer you directly to our email.
3. You can pay with credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Zelle, Cash App, Apple Pay and Crypto.
4. At the end of each month you can renew your membership using the same payment buttons for each plan.
5. Enjoy M327 on the go, no contract, no activation fees, no credit check, or cancellation fees.

What do you need to make your service work?

First you must have contacted us, ordered and paid for the service, have an Internet available in your home with no less than 10 Gb of download, have the necessary devices available such as Smart TV, Fire Stick, Cellular, Tablets. Depending on your Device or operating system, the installation and application may vary.

Is the signal perfect without freezing or image interruption?

If at any time the owners and programmers of the applications clarify and indicate that several live TV channels, PPV events, movies or series may have saturation sometimes due to network bandwidth, then there may be a momentary freeze or delay in the signal, which will be reset from the servers. When the programmers enter to do maintenance on the server and enter to change or add the menus, channels, programming or any other necessary changes.

What can you do to solve technical problems?

1. Verify that you have your Internet service, modem, router or mobile data plan running and active.
2. Verify that your devices are installed and installed correctly.
3.Verify that I install, configure the settings of your Android device and the application correctly.
4. If necessary, enter the configuration settings of the App and do a manual update.
5. If all of the above has not worked, try to finally completely uninstall the App and reinstall it.
6. Finally verify and confirm that your payment and subscription are up to date.

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